WE BELIEVE in producing and promoting events, businesses and ministries that are committed to moral ethics. We are a ministry that is in business. Our inclusive company will walk you through the necessary steps to ensure you make a positive difference in the industry you are in. We will work honorably to produce results that every one can be proud of and promote agressively. From meeting with the advisement team all the way up to production development you will realize that we strive to do everything in excellence bringing God and you glory and not shame. We are committed to producing your vision with clarity and impact. With God's help our working together will make a difference.



for the ARTIST


  • Advisement

  • Developemental Structure

  • Coaching

  • Marketing & Branding

  • Booking

  • Image Consulting

  • Management

for the MINISTRY

  • Advisement

  • Growth Evaluation

  • Departmental Boost

  • Progam Development

  • Branding & Marketing

  • Production Partnership

  • Imaging

  • Blind Side

for the COMPANY

  • Advisement

  • Strategic Development

  • Coaching

  • Marketing

  • Branding

  • Artist Enhancement

for the EVENT

for the VENUE

  • Advisement

  • Event Development

  • Artist Fulfillment

  • Event Management

  • Booking

  • Marketing

  • Advisement

  • Entertainment Development

  • Booking

  • Marketing

  • Branding

  • Management



We are an inquistive group of creative people who loves to hear others' visions. We understand without a vision the people will perish because they need what is inside of you. Together, trusting God, we know the planning, strategy, insight and execution we do with our clients deliver amazing results. Our ideas will bring your vision to life and bring increase.


"Take time to embrace the visions of others.  It may inspire you..."

Website Design



Websites you can manage!

Your website advertises for you 24 hours. Let's graphically design one that is excellent, user friendly and easy for you to manage.


Graphic Design


Designs That Attract!

We take your ideas and display them in an eye catching design. Your concept will become a visual reality.



Event Management

and Development


We Got This!

Bring us your event ideas and we will develop and manage events catered to your needs. We will maximize your budget by connecting all the elements needed to produce a great event. It get's even better, we will handle all the work on that day, even payroll! This is also a great fund raiser for ministries.





A Team That Matters!

We specialize in providing selective artist, who are commited to doing only clean entertainment, with a team that will assist them in managing their artistry while reaching the next level. Our inclusive company connects them to the essential tools necessary to enhance their careers.

One of Our Previous Clients: Shaw Air Force Base.

Entertainment Management



Making Your Venu Live!

Become that place everyone wants to be. We can help you with that!  We will connect you with entertainers or events that will liven your venue up. Whether it is one time or weekly, we will  give you a selection of great artistries to choose from that provide clean entertaiment.

One of Our Previous Clients: Serendipity.

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