Hi, I am Gail Kyles CEO and owner of CNe.
I am honored that God chose me to work with great people who make a positive difference in our community.  I believe we are a company birthed out of the Heart of God just for you. Together we can creatively enhance what you are doing by advising you on the proper steps to get to the next level. My team and I are commited to work honorably in excellence as we make your vision a reality. If you don't see what you are looking for while browsing our site feel free to call us. I look forward to meeting you. Don't hesitate, schedule an appointment today. 


Her energetic personality has been a contribution to the company since it has begun. She maximizes her potential daily by implementing new practices and ideas. She is known for her style and passion to develop eveyones image.

Kecia Jones

"I can't wait until the day CNe is able to bless everyone," is a statement often heard by her. She has taken her passion for the company to excel by researching and planning new concepts for the company.

Sharon Lights

She is always sharp and on her feet with creative ideas and conversation. She is the creator of our fun slogan, "Why be Dirty-When You Can Be Clean!" She is often called our spokesperson because she doesn't mind letting everyone know who CNe is.

Christina Stout

Her exuberance is seen throughout the company. She has the energy to keep working until every task is completed no matter what the sacrifice is. Her task management skills personally assist our CEO.

Sarah Tindal

Even if she doesn't know the answer she is willing to try and solve it. Her gift to observe allows her to intepret human behavior to provide a great response.


Trustworthy, Diligent, and Honest is a few words to describe Ms. Dickson. She has been a leader in the financial decisions that has taken CNe to the next level. Her faith will make anyone believe everything is possible.

Natasha Levy

Don't ever mistake her quietness for shyness. She has a passion to ensure that the company operates on a level that inspires others to see Jesus, even in business. She is committed to treating everyone with value..

Twanna Pretty

Her expertise in business provokes CNe to operate in excellence as it propels forward. She incoporates her structure with the company vision which position us to maintain a level of excellence that cannot be superseded.

Sheila Stuckey

Her ability to see things from a grand perspective allows her to see areas that needs refining to develope the unltimate vision that God has given us. Her perserverance and organization has redefine how the company operate in some areas.

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