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Chief Executive Officer

Years of entrepreneurship led her to becoming the Owner and CEO of  Clean Night Entertainment located in South Carolina.

In 2015 Enjoying Life Together with Gail Kyles TV Show aired on  the NOW Network. In 2016 she also began airing Living It With Gail Kyles. She is currently working on two radio shows that will air Spring 2018 on three radio stations.

TV/Radio Host

Her gift to hear beyond words assist her to help you navigate through life by presenting directions to reach and maximize your goals. Her intense empowering session will equip you to soar.

Directional Coach

Motivational Speaker

No matter the size of the audience, age or occasion Gail will captivate each individual with her charismatic personality and comedic style by compelling them to live beyond what they see. Her foundation is built on her Biblical beliefs.

Group Facilitator

Gail steers each individual to communicate and be part of the solution to reach a better sense of awareness and wholeness, without being judgemental. She provides an atmosphere that allows transparency encouraging the group to understand they are not alone.

Event Production/Manager

For over 7 years Gail has created over 4 successful productions that has appeared before sold out audience quarterly. Her company is also hired by organizations to create and manage their events. She also manages a few prominent artists.

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